Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My First Jelly Roll Quilt

So, I ran out of yellow fabric for my Layer Cake Sampler and decided to work with the two jelly rolls I had purchased while I waited to go to the fabric store again to get my yellow.

I am not sure of the brand name of these rolls, the front of the tag says Batik Jelly, while the back says Batik Jelly Roll Coral Red. They were on sale, I grabbed them as I had been seeing quilts made with jelly rolls on Pinterest and knew I wanted to try!

I just did my own thing with these which I am sure is a common layout.
This pic is before I squared them to 6x6 inches

This is after squaring them all and sewing the strips together.

 Then that evening, after shopping for my yellow fabric and picking up a few more yards to start my stash..I sewed the strips together. This is what I have so far!  It is a lap/couch size...I am going to make it a little bigger with some borders. Still coming up with a plan for that!

I took this pic before the one above and could not get these "helpers" 
to help by staying off..they had to check it out!

Here are the two new fabrics I picked up

Thanks for stopping in to check out my progress! I'm learning!


  1. Replies
    1. I haven't done enough to know for sure...but anything is better than cutting out 10 inch squares for the layer cake! lol I have seen they come pre-cut as well too though so that makes me a little happier for future use :)

  2. Beautiful quilt and I love, love the batiks in it! I saw that neat fabric with the berries on it online and wish I would have bought some, it is so neat! Soooooo did you get the yellow??

    1. I did get the yellow :) And a few other fabrics to finish off the Layer Cake Sampler for the sashing and the post blocks! Hoping to work on that tomorrow!

  3. I'm poppin in from Connies. Your adorable helpers are doing a fine job with that cute quilt. I just purchased some red and pink fabrics with no real plan, I'll be adding this idea to the list.