Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Some Quilty WIP's!

It has been a long while, I know....
I had a very busy summer...took me a while to recover, then I had a problem with trigger finger and couldn't sew well as that required me to pin things together which my finger did not want to do! I had surgery to fix the problem in October and am now back at it with photos to share!!

First up, I am in the home stretch at finishing up a quilt I am making for my Dad and step-mom....I designed the pattern myself and struggled through. I didn't realize there were flying geese in there until I had already had all my fabric cut..needless to say..if you have experience with triangles..which I didn't...the going was hard and there was a lot of seam ripping going on! I almost quit several times!

It is now sandwhiched and I have begun stitching in the ditch. This is my second quilt...

My second grandchild, another boy, is due on Feb 25th! So I had to make him a quilt!
I am still hand stiching the binding on this...very close to being completed!

That is all I have, hoping to get more done in 2016!