Friday, August 26, 2016

Completed Quilt and Gifted to it's New Owner

My sister was about to have major surgery so I had to kick it into high gear to complete her lap quilt before she went into the hospital. I stalled on the project as I decided to tie the quilt down and sew along the border for a very country feel (like quilts don't look country enough). Little did I know how sore the process would make my fingers! I mean..I quit working on it!

So about three days before her surgery, I kicked myself in the butt, called my mother, asked her to come over and help me pull the floss tight..and she did, and we did and it is done! I wanted to keep it!

She loved it..she is the one with the dark hair, my Mom on the other side. She brought it to the hospital with her, she was there for 2 nights, came home the other day. I went to see her yesterday and she was in a living room recliner, covered in her quilt. Nothing makes me happier than knowing she is on the mend and that I could giver her something she will always cherish.