Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Wyatt's Block Quilt

 I made a quilt for my oldest grandson, Wyatt, for Christmas.

The two fabrics on top, I bought separately from the fat quarters that I had gotten on clearance last spring... The dark blue, I bought for the backing and the green for the sides.

Then I did some cutting and some sewing...

By this time, my husband as gotten my sewing room put together for me. God bless a man who is tired of all things sewing being in the dining room! haha
So, I was able to get it sandwiched in the sewing room and quilted as well.

And this is what it looks like!

Thanks for stopping in!!

Monday, January 14, 2019

Puperita Blue Tit Dress...I made it!! yay!!

It sure has been a while. I am sorry I do not keep up more often but will definitely try to keep this blog updated more in the future! I have a few things to show, so I will spread it out over this week so I will have something new to post..haha

First up, I made my granddaughter a dress! I have sewn an apron before with my mother's help, but this one, I did on my own for the most part with her watching and giving advice...

This is the fabric I chose, I purchased the pink at Joann's and the elephant print at Spoonflower, expensive but worth it when it is just the thing. An elephant theme has evolved around Gianna in this first year of her life, unintentional to begin with, all of a sudden, she was getting a lot of elephants from different people, even her binky holder was a soft plush elephant that she would feel against her face and fall asleep, she could not fall asleep without Ellie. 
So, this is why the elephant fabric was perfect.

This is called the Puperita Blue Tit Dress. I purchased the pattern on Etsy, you can find it HERE

I printed out the pattern from a .pdf file, then taped it together. I found the size I was looking for and cut out each piece. It was well taped so I had no problems doing this. The pattern was PERFECT. Easy to read and well explained and I will definitely buy from this pattern maker again. 
(I am not affiliated in any way)

The bodice, I used a soft muslin for the inner bodice.

I found the sleeves suprisingly easy to attach to the bodice.

Attaching the skirt to the bodice was more of a challenge, I had to make sure the bunched up fabric was evenly.....bunched up..haha. I am not sure what this technique is called, but you baste the waist with thread, then pull and it gathers the fabric for you.

Fir the back, it called for buttons, but I wasn't ready for buttons, and not on a child that hated being dressed in the first place. I did three squares of velcro, and attached three buttons to show in the outside so it looked buttoned, but was as easy as velcro. :)

Here is the finished dress, I did not get a photo of the back. I did add a thin border to the bottom that was not called for. I love how that looked and turned out.

And here is my little Gianna, wearing the dress, with room to grow during the winter months. She has worn it 3 times already!

I was going to show you more of what I have been doing, but this post is long enough :) I will try to post again tomorrow!
Have a great Monday everyone!