Friday, September 16, 2016

Progress on Zack's Quilt!

Working away at my own pace..which is a Sunday Driving kind of

This block is the Sashed 4-Patch

I now have all 10 of each block done, 20 blocks in all.
I have started piecing them together with the black sashing...

here is a pic with the sashing going down the length...I have since taken it off, not all the posts are matching up. This makes me want to scream and throw a tantrum...but I don't do tantrums. I just set it down for a few days...forgive it and move on again....
so today, I will try to figure out where I went wrong.. ugh.

My Mom and I went on a little shopping spree yesterday! Joanne's!
The first two fabrics, I am thinking about putting into a quilt for my younger sister. The middle three fall fabrics, I will be making into place mats. My mother also got the orange fabric with different coordinating fabrics and we will be making them together here at my house next! The last two are fleece. I am going to make a tied blanket for my 3 yr old grandson, Wyatt. He loves dinosaurs! I also got a new ruler, pins, thread and ribbon. All in all...I did great! Total: $137.81. I had a $30.00 gift card from Christmas and coupons which saved me 35.78. I ended up paying $72.00 for everything. The real treasure was spending the day with my Mom. 

okay..I am outta here! 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Zack's Quilt

I started quilting in January 2015. I have made one quilt for myself. One for my father, one for my grandson, one for my sister, I have one I am working on for my cousin who helps me out all the time...and today, I have started one for my oldest son, Zack. Before I can get back to doing for myself..I have to make one for my younger sister, my younger son and my other grandson. And that's it! After that, it is going to be all about me for a while! :)

here is the pattern I created for Zack's Quilt:

Here are my fabric selections:

Those stars glow in the dark by the way and this gives me the giggles, I can picture him bringing a girl into his room (he has an apartment), turning out the lights and his bed starts to glow...haha...

I cut out fabric for the King's Crown block today:

And here is all my fabric, cut and ready to start sewing on...tomorrow.

I will keep you updated with my progress! Thanks for stopping in!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Completed Quilt and Gifted to it's New Owner

My sister was about to have major surgery so I had to kick it into high gear to complete her lap quilt before she went into the hospital. I stalled on the project as I decided to tie the quilt down and sew along the border for a very country feel (like quilts don't look country enough). Little did I know how sore the process would make my fingers! I mean..I quit working on it!

So about three days before her surgery, I kicked myself in the butt, called my mother, asked her to come over and help me pull the floss tight..and she did, and we did and it is done! I wanted to keep it!

She loved it..she is the one with the dark hair, my Mom on the other side. She brought it to the hospital with her, she was there for 2 nights, came home the other day. I went to see her yesterday and she was in a living room recliner, covered in her quilt. Nothing makes me happier than knowing she is on the mend and that I could giver her something she will always cherish.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Working on a finish!

I started this quilt, my first in January 2015 when I actually began this new to me craft of quilting.
I had picked up 2 jelly rolls from Joanne's that were on sale, I think for $5.00 a roll. A steal, I know!
So I decided on something simple...
I did not know it at the time, this is called the Rail Fence block. 
So I cut....

and I sewed and laid it all out...

Then I sewed again until my top panel was together.

I even let the dogs check it out, they think anything on the floor is for them.

Then I folded it up and started working on other quilts until I pulled it out a few days ago and decided to finish it and gift it to my sister when it is done. I added 2 borders. yes, I know I could have gone all the way around with the white first then all the way around with the green and that is how I have been completing my borders, but this time, I went  with doing it this way. I like how the white just stands out and goes to the end like that on all 4 corners.

I do have it sandwiched, with batting and backing on now...
I will surprise you with the final quilt as soon as it is finished!!
Thanks for stopping in!!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Scrap Quilt WIP And My New Grandson

Noah arrived! 9lbs, 14 ounces..21 inches long. I am in love.

Here is is using the quilt I made him.

Craftsy is having a sale on all their classes!! $19.99 each!!
Click on this LINK to see what might interest you at a price like that!

Here is my scrap project, I am using 2.5 inch squares. Many are from previous projects and I have a friend that lives up the road from me that brings me all of her scraps...waste not, want not!

Not much else to share! Have a beautiful 1st day of spring!!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Finally, Baby Quilt done and gifted!

My first chevron and my first baby quilt! I made this for my grandson Noah, due to arrive Feb 25th!
I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am! It received alot of ooh's and ahh's at the shower.

A little of the making of it....

I doubled up on the batting as I wanted him to be able to use it for the floor. It also makes the machine quilting look more dimensional.

I am currently working on a 2.5 inch block scrap quilt. Just going from light to dark..making 9 patches first, then sewing them into rows of 7. This one will be for my living room, somthing to cover up with while watching TV. The variation of colors looks much nicer in person, I couldn't quite capture it with my camera.I now have two full rows of 9 patches sewn together...I am just making the nine patches now, until I have enough to just sew them all together. I plan on doing a 3-4 inch border all around.

Some of these scraps are from previous sewing projects, but I also have a friend that sews and she has been bringing me bags of scraps...I am thrilled that she does and I plan on using them always!

Feel free to leave me a link to your scrap projects or baby quilts, I would love to visit and see what you are working on!

Thanks for stopping by!!