Friday, June 24, 2016

Working on a finish!

I started this quilt, my first in January 2015 when I actually began this new to me craft of quilting.
I had picked up 2 jelly rolls from Joanne's that were on sale, I think for $5.00 a roll. A steal, I know!
So I decided on something simple...
I did not know it at the time, this is called the Rail Fence block. 
So I cut....

and I sewed and laid it all out...

Then I sewed again until my top panel was together.

I even let the dogs check it out, they think anything on the floor is for them.

Then I folded it up and started working on other quilts until I pulled it out a few days ago and decided to finish it and gift it to my sister when it is done. I added 2 borders. yes, I know I could have gone all the way around with the white first then all the way around with the green and that is how I have been completing my borders, but this time, I went  with doing it this way. I like how the white just stands out and goes to the end like that on all 4 corners.

I do have it sandwiched, with batting and backing on now...
I will surprise you with the final quilt as soon as it is finished!!
Thanks for stopping in!!